A couple of days ago, we saw a wide range of photographs by Logo ‘Logor’ Oluwamuyiwa in a recently opened solo exhibition “Down The Rabbit Hole” at Alara Lagos. It was refreshing to see visuals slightly different from his regular Monochrome Lagos images, a subject and style that has become synonymous to Logor’s name.

Down The Rabbit Hole turns the lens on Logor through different vulnerable subjects that connect him with his environment.  They are not portraits of the artist but of other people used to tell his story. Some of the images point at struggling through darkness to find light, a symbolic representation of his journey to becoming, his struggle as an artist and survival in Lagos. Although Lagos is still the backdrop for these  images, they are richer in texture and subjects, and more colourful than what we have seen in other exhibitions by Logor.

The exhibition in general is a conceptual installation of light, poetic text and photography. Most of the photographs are interconnected with the narrative behind Monochrome Lagos, a representation of Lagos when it is stripped of its noise and commerce to show people and their experiences.




According to Logor, “Down The Rabbit Hole draws inspiration from the tale of Alice In Wonderland by Lewis Caroll, where as a fantasy author, you bring characters from reality into your created world. Most stories in this mold simply transport a character from the real world into the fantasy world where the bulk of the action takes place. Regardless of whatever medium is used. While this is a common treatment in Sci-Fi, it is by no means the only presentation of the idea. These simulated realities are digital constructs featured in science fiction such as The Matrix. Constructs can take forms including worlds and journeys in the words of writer D.O Fagunwa. We can all create our own alternate realities, somehow.”

As seen at the exhibition and as perceived through interactions with the artist, the nature of this other reality is often mysterious, known only by its effect on our own world.

Logor’s Down The Rabbit Hole exhibition is a part of ALARA Emerging Artists exhibition series. It is open until Saturday, 18th June 2016.