Opening at The Wheatbaker on Monday July 4th is another exhibition by SMO Contemporary Art titled “Mental Space”.

Mental Space is a compilation of recent works by Duke Asidere in which he responds to an internal, multi-layered landscape of deep thought in metaphors and symbols. Through his drawings, complete with skillfully etched commentary, Asidere reflects on a constantly changing political context, in which he highlights the crazy and controversial excesses in our lives with unapologetic poignancy.

For over 25 years, Duke Asidere has boldly commented on Nigeria’s socio-political landscape through a variety of genre including pencil, engravings, oil and acrylic, pastels, and collage. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honours in Fine Arts (painting) from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria in 1988, and a Masters of Fine Arts in painting in 1990 from the same university. He taught painting, drawing and art history at the Federal Auchi Polytechnic for five years before starting full time studio work in Lagos in 1995.

On his philosophy about art,  Asidere states, “Art is a mirror of life, reflecting the eras we go through and the influence they impart on us. It is not tied to mediums, but a mental and emotional space that insulates us from all that’s around. Artists should enjoy their art and create for intrinsic reasons, not on demand. Art is not only for the present. It is a documentation of the present, projects the future, and outlives the artist. Each artist must work in these three spaces – the present, the future, and then leave a legacy. It’s not about the quantity produced, but the quality and drive.”

The exhibition opens on Monday, July 4th and continues until September 15th, 2016.

Venue: The Wheatbaker Lagos, 4 Onitolo Road (former Lawrence Road), Ikoyi, Lagos


TOP FEATURED IMAGE: Duke Asidere, Expectations, 56 x 38cm, acrylic on paper,   2016