Ibe Ananaba, painter, illustrator, cartoonist, and concept artist is exceptional at his craft. In a few days, his latest exhibition, SELENSE, will be opening at the Rele Gallery.

Taking inspiration from popular Nigerian characters – bridges, fuel shortages, runways,etc – Ananaba creates works that are not only familiar but also thought-provoking. In SELENSE, he shows a unique portrait of what it means to dress up Nigerian; inspired by everything from formal wear of government agencies to street style.

According to Rele, SELENSE freezes the trademark flamboyance, style, and decadence of Nigerians in oils and acrylic on canvas, while at the same time referencing the problems not only in which we perform our extravagance, but the problems the latter itself causes.

The exhibition opens on the 4th of September and continues until the 26th of September, 2016.

Venue: Rele Gallery, 5, Military Street, Onikan Lagos.

More information on www.rele.co