Rele gallery presents The Adorned Series by U.K based Nigerian photographer Ade Okelarin known as Asiko.

“The Adorned Series was born out of his personal experiences and observations growing up as a child. ASIKO places women at a point of strength and admiration, with elegant poses and intricately crafted pieces of jewelry; void of any societal barriers and discriminations. As expected, his characters in these series are beautiful, gracious and undeniably compelling. The dichotomy is apparent, on one hand, there’s the notion of a strive for perfection; on the other hand, there’s the societal discourse on the pressure to look a certain way. Either way, the works open up a conversation.”

Asiko’s work navigates and places at the fore the intertwined relationship between beauty, perception, and self-confidence. He directs, explores and experiences issues pertaining to culture, identity, and femininity.

Asiko is a self-taught photographer. His works have been featured in group exhibitions at Truman Brewery, Gallery of African Art and the Brunei Gallery in London. This is his first solo exhibition.

The exhibition will open on October 23rd until November 20th, 2016, during the gallery’s regular opening hours.


Top featured image: ìsàlẹ by Asiko. Courtesy: Rele Gallery