After a month of hosting David Akinola, the first artist to engage the alternative art space Revolving Art Incubator, the creative director of the artistic platform Jumoke Sanwo invites the public to see an exhibition of works by the artist.

Launched in the month of October, the first incubator project borrowed its theme for artistic exploration from the celebration of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Day anniversary. Activities such as dialogues with guest artists and visitors at the incubator space were examined through the theme “Artistic Independence In The face Of Commodification”. The selected artist, Akinola, was also given the freedom to create along this path for the entire period of his engagement in the space.

As mentioned at the launch of the platform and at the beginning of Akinola’s artist-at-work one-month engagement, an exhibition will open to the public on 5th November 2016 at 6pm. The works and installation in the exhibition were created by Akinola within the incubator space and at his studio during the month of October. The exhibition will also present works by two other artists, Chima Enwezor and Blessing Ibie, invited guest artists by RAI.

David Akinola who is the first artist to engage the incubator space was born in Zaria. He graduated from Ahmadu Bello University with B.A Hons in Industrial Design. After graduation, he embarked on a freelance career, continually refining and contextualizing his style which emerged through his focus on the aesthetics of lines and colors. His intricate illustrative works are often narratives of his conscious and subconscious minds which reveal his interests in feminism, architecture, psychology, physical science, music production, sound engineering and the Yoruba culture among others. He currently lives and works in Lagos, where he continues to push the scale and boundaries of his art using ball point pen, fine point pen, and permanent markers. David is influenced by Bruce Onobrakpeya, Peju Alatise , Victor Ehikamenor and the British street artist Banksy.


Chima Enwezor is a Nigerian artist born in Dublin, Ireland. He started painting and drawing at an early age. At 6, he embraced the idea of becoming an architect or a designer, but not an artist. In 1983, Chima Enwezor attended Bowie State University, Bowie Maryland USA to study design in fields of painting, freehand drawing, sculpting, printmaking, photography, ceramics, graphic design, and art history. A year after, he enrolled at Howard University Washington D.C. School of Architecture and Design. A couple of years later, he switched to the College of Fine Arts under the tutelage of renowned art professors as Starmanda Bullock, Ed Love, Frank Smith, Al Smith, Winston Kennedy, and Adewale Sorrels. He graduated in 1991 with a B.F.A (Graphic Design/Art) from Howard. His influences are Jean-Michel Basquiat, Bruce Onabrakpeya, Willem de Kooning, Alberto Giacometti, and Susan Wenger. Chima works with a 360 degrees perspective, which enables him to view his works upside down also while painting. He has participated in group and solo exhibitions in Washington D.C, Atlanta, Lagos, London, New York, San Francisco, and Oakland, California.

Blessing Ibie was born in Benin City. He graduated with a higher diploma in sculpture in 2009 from Auchi Polytechnic. He was also trained by the legendary sculptor of the court of the King of Benin Oba Eweka II, Ben Osawe and continued to explore the similarities between wood and metal sculpting after his training. He worked extensively to perfect his technique in Makurdi, until he relocated to Lagos where he lives and works as a full-time studio artist. His works have been sold in auctions in Lagos by Arthouse Contemporary, SOGAL, and Nike Art Gallery. He is renowned for his versatility in the field of sculpture making but known mostly for working with metal.

To attend, RSVP via [email protected] or call Tel: 08056050307

Top featured image: Art by David Akinola, courtesy Revolving Art Incubator.