Fans of Wana Udobang’s Room 313 will be pleased to know that a new episode of the series was released last week. Room 313 is a “series of vignettes” built around the idea of the “talking cure”. In each episode, a character is filmed exploring a painful event in their past while sitting on a therapist’s couch.

Udobang captures the objective of the project when she writes:

I had always wondered, if Nigerians got a chance to speak with a therapist about a problem or an issue they were dealing with, what would they say? You know it is almost engrained in our DNA to be strong people and I have often felt that a lot of us are a walking and ticking PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) time bomb just waiting to explode. With this series I’m hoping to not only tell those stories but explore how characters cope and deal with them.

The 6th in the series, Ewere’s story, played by Folu Ogunkeye, recounts the experience of searching for and identifying her husband’s body after it had been burned by fire. Ogunkeye’s portrayal of this role is perfectly nuanced. Look out for other new episodes in the coming weeks.