On Monday, Nigerians took to the streets, armed with words on placards to protest against bad governance. With exchange rates skyrocketing by the day and inflation on the rise, even on indigenously produced goods, the cost of living for the average Nigerian has become rather too expensive and unbearable. Even the president is tired and away on (sick) leave.

The complaints in songs, essays, and speeches could become tiring but it is not the same for an art illustration that captures the matter succinctly as we see in Mike Asukwo’s illustrations.

Asukwo’s cartoons caught our attention on Bussiness Day posts online and we could not resist taking the gospel further. Asukwo who is an all round artist, studied Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology in Lagos where he majored in Sculpting. He is not only a remarkable sculptor but has endeared himself to the Nigerian people through his illustrations. His cartoons are mostly satirical and address the Nigerian situation. 

See Nigeria’s situation according to Mike Asukwo below.






Cart16JULY018OnlineCart16JULY024Sunday Cart17JAN009
Cart16APRIL014 Illustrations provided and published with the permission of Mike Asukwo.