Hosted by Rezthapoet and Pietrina, spoken word artists and poets, Revolving Art Incubator fortnightly event “outSPOKEN” is fast becoming the gathering point for literary heads and art lovers who enjoy performance poetry.

At the last gathering, performances by Rezthapoet and Pietrina revolved around current discussions on raising ‘correct’ young men in today’s society. Prompted by the Twitter posts/tag #keepthechangebae that went viral a week before the event, Fuck boy, AsakeWhat I was Taught and A Tale of Numbers were performed to question the behavior of young men today.

While Rez performed poems that mockingly defended the men and what is considered normal, Pietrina poked holes in such ideals of normalcy.

The second part of What I was taught by Pietrina reads ” I learnt that NO can sometimes mean YES because they come in the same breath. They taught me that I was a taker…I was made to take, I try not to take it by force but sometimes I cannot help it. This is what Society taught me, yet when I try to take on my own terms and in my own way, I get ridiculed.” 

As more attention is given to the social development of young women, it seems young men are left to find their way through life. How will they know how to ‘come correct’ without being taught what it is? Who is raising them? What have they been taught? What are the norms society has ingrained in them? How can we deconstruct these norms and general understanding of masculinity? Whose job is it to teach the young man that respecting a woman does not make him less of a man? How can we raise better men?

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Olamide Aturu – Pietrina

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The Revolving Art Incubator’s “outSPOKEN is a poetic diary and reflection on contemporary times in Nigeria.