Dedicated to providing a platform for young artists and enabling their visibility, Rele’s coming exhibition focuses on the work of a young photographer and writer, Eloghosa Osunde – And Now We Have Entered Broken Earth. 

And Now We Have Entered Broken started as an offshoot of a project in May 2016 when Eloghosa traveled through at least ten states in Nigeria photographing and documenting diverse human stories and people. Propelled by the encounters and stories documented on that journey, she began the above series with subjects bordering on “intergenerational cycles, internal inheritances, isolation, inseparability, and enduring love” using stories of addiction, mental illness, spiritual resistance, and surrender. 

Eloghosa’s work in photography bends towards the surreal; shifting subjects from the environment in which the photograph was originally made to fictitious arrangements in order to build a tight cohesive narrative with a sense of introspection and relatability, and a painting aesthetic. 

The exhibition starts on Sunday, May 7 at 4 pm and runs until June 4, at Rele gallery in Lagos. 

Eloghosa Osunde, Eziza