Polly Alakija starts her 6th mobile art project today – “Painting a Molue in Lagos”. This is a continuation of her community work to put art in public spaces in Nigeria.

Painting a Molue in Lagos is Alakija’s effort to preserve the memory of the almost extinct bus which was an iconic means of transportation in Lagos several years ago. In today’s Lagos, the Molue can no longer be seen on our roads especially on Lagos Island and popular areas enjoying the gradual transformation of Lagos to a mega city.


In the past few years, Alakija has painted a keke- napep, a 1970s bedford truck, a water tanker and a fishing boat. Her aim is to connect diverse audience (beyond the regular gallery visiting people) to art through transformation of  everyday objects to spectacular art objects.

The painting will take place on the grounds of Quintessence Gallery at ParkView in Ikoyi from 6th – 17th of January. She’s hoping people will come around to watch her work and keep her company. There will be a street tour in Lagos to show the Molue around for people to connect with on the 18th – 19th of January. However you can visit the gallery on the 17th for an unveiling ceremony to celebrate the completion of the project. Limited edition prints will be available for collectors to buy in the following weeks.

Videos of the painting process will be available on The Sole Adventurer.