Un-speak opens at Centre for Contemporary Arts today 31st January 2015 at 2pm.

Un-speak is an exhibition of works by five international new media artists curated by Bea Herhold de Sousa, a London based Curator and Director at Agency Gallery.

“The works in this exhibition openly query systemic categorisations in favour of a more personal and passionate search for the multi-faceted truths. The works address various events, which have gained more relevance on the background of a European economic crisis and the political tensions which follow. Currently the examination of how truths are created and disseminated is a very important aspect of contemporary art. The works reflect on different personal aspects of international artists either experiencing conflicts or seeking new structures to understand and record history.”

The artists are Declan Clarke (Republic of Ireland), Nooshin Farhin (Iran), Hetain Patel (Great Britain/ india), Janek Schaefer (GB/Canada/Poland) and Stefanos Tsivopolus (Greece/Spain).

The exhibition will run from Saturday 31st January to Thursday 26th February 2015 at CCA Lagos Gallery – 9, McEwen Street, Sabo Yaba, Lagos.

The exhibition is organized by British Council and Centre for Contemporary Art.

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