La Biennale di Venezia has released more news on the 56th International Art Exhibition this week along with names of 136 artists from 53 countries selected to participate in the exhibition starting Saturday May 9th, 2015 – Sunday November 22nd, 2015. The exhibition will form a unitary itinerary that starts at the Central historical Pavilions (Giardini) and continues at the Arsenale, and in the city of Venice.

Amongst the 136 participants are Nigerian artists Akpokiere Karo ,  sound and video installation artist Emeka Ogboh and Invisible Border’s Tran-African photographers headed by Emeka Okereke. Coincidentally, the name of popular controversial British artist of Nigerian descent, Chris Ofili appeared above Emeka Ogboh’s making one wish he is representing Nigeria at the exhibition too.

“The Biennale is now 120 years old, and year after year it moves forward and builds on its own history, which is formed of many memories but, in particular, a long succession of different perspectives from which to observe the phenomenon of contemporary artistic creation.”

Here is where to buy tickets and get details of the venues if Italy is on your itinerary for May.

Read more of the news here and a detailed list of all the 53 nationalities participating and artists.

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