On May 9th, ‘All the World’s Futures’ opens with works by 136 artists invited from all over the world to participate at the 56th International Art Exhibition la Biennale di Venezia. Emeka Ogboh, Akpokiere Karo and members of the Invisible Borders group are Nigerian artists invited to participate in the six months long exhibition. Invisible Borders is the only artist -led group invited from the African continent.

In the press statement given by Invisible Borders on the exhibition, the group present a space-installation of their project titled Trans-African Worldspace.  This presents the Invisible Borders project as a complimentary association between process and outcome. It will emphasize on the collective, dynamic and organic nature of the project while preserving the individuality of the body of works created by various artists.
Equilibrium, Addis Ababa - Ethiopia, Ala Kheir, IB 2011
The organization is an artist-led not-for-profit initiative of writers, photographers and filmmakers founded by Emeka Okereke in 2009. Some of the artists whose work features in the project include Amaize Ojeikere, Charles Okereke, Emeka Okereke, Emmanuel Iduma Jide Odukoya, Jumoke Sanwo, Lillian Novo Isioro,  Tom Saater, Uche Okpa-­‐Iroha and Venessa Peterson.

They have since examined and questioned the implications of borders, movement and exchange as it relates to the 54 countries of Africa and its post-colonial narratives. They have organized road trips across African cities and borders, and recently European cities starting off from Lagos.

Trans-African Worldspace installation is designed to immerse the visitors in the processes of the road trip through collage of images, audio-­‐visual documentations and cartographic  depictions. Another part will focus on outcomes: specific bodies of works– photography, video and writings – realised by artists who were part of the road trips, workshops and site specific interventions.

Beautiful Obstacle | en route Addis Ababa, Ethiopia | Emeka Oker

The Invisible Borders Van |Nouadhibou - Mauritania | Emmanuel Id Following Priest |En Route Minkok - Cameroun | Ray Daniels Okeug

According to Emmanuel Iduma of Invisible Border “Artists and writers who traveled as part of the project did not show everyday spaces – like markets, streets, restaurants, roads, malls, – as places in need of development, But as places where life occurs without judgement; with mirth, theatricality, and beauty.

As part of the activities of the Invisible Border at the Biennale, they will present in the ARENA a feature length documentary about Invisible Borders followed by a discussion on the ‘State of Things’ in the Trans-African contemporary art scene and the critical ideas at the center of our practice. Emeka Okereke is also a panelist at a 3days discussion on the complexities of ‘Closed Borders’ with lots of questions

The exhibition runs from May 9th – November 22 with 3 days of press preview before the official opening and inauguration. El Anatsui will be presented his Golden Lion award for Lifetime Achievement at the awards and inauguration ceremony on the opening day.


Nigerian Visa Mystic Temple

Akpokiere Karo

Vigils and Nite clubs

Akpokiere Karo