The Three Princes of the ruling house of Ajimaja are sent on a quest to get the sacred staff from the Dark Caves of Olufa. A journey that will determine who will be the next King. The journey to Olufa unites Aderogba, Adeolu and Alara with the host of the Spirit Kingdom. Love finds Aderogba; He falls in Love with Asunke, the daughter of the Spirit Queen of Olufa. She agrees to follow him back home to be his bride. Suddenly Aderogba dies mysteriously.
Who killed Aderogba?

Asunke: No! I cannot bear the shame of returning home after I called my mother’s bluff and choose to marry a mortal. I shall go up to the mountain and there I will mourn Aderogba. Then I shall return… 

Okay! We can’t tell you everything that happened in A Tale of Seven years, get a ticket to watch on Sunday, 28th June 2015.

A Tale of Seven Years is a story of love, passion and deceit. Another masterpiece from the theatre group, Theatre on the mainland , producers of Alejo, Ugomma, White papers and The Chronicles of Eniyan.

Venue: TomsVille. (Theatre on the mainland Village)
1 Akinwande Street Akinhanmi off Funsho William Avenue Surulere Lagos.

Ticket:  N3, 000.
Time 3pm and 6pm.

The story is written by Yemi Adebiyi.