Rom Isichei invites you to the opening of his exhibition “someday is today” at the National Museum on 26th September, 2015.

In this new series of works Rom examines the perception of the word ‘future’ in the context of now. The future one refers to when planning or pre-empting what is to come and taking present actions. If today is the future we have been waiting for, how is it better than yesterday? What progress have we made? What actions are taken now against a future time?
His new large collages and drawings present and questions social behaviors, new youth culture, influence of new age technology, fashion trends, sexuality and identity, and glorification of social and political leaders. “These new works are allegorical statements, loosely united around social issues, as well as relations between state, society and citizen, compelling consciousness of a forlorn hope, generational shifts, and the idea of the skin and the body being sites where history is reposed, and fantasies play out.”
put on a happy face, 2015, acrylic, paint sticks on linen, 69x81 inches copy

put on a happy face, 2015, 69 x 81 inches (collage)


someday is today banner

studio view copy

work in progress at the studio

Rom’s artist statement on this exhibition “Have an Affair. Life is Too Short”, points to his perceived social malaise and decadence in cultural values. This slogan was borrowed from an online dating site that encourages extramarital relationship. Either in a positive light or otherwise, with the increased desire for instant gratification as encouraged by new cultures, little importance is attached to ‘the future’. Nearly everything is presented as a need for now. “Today is the future, temporality is the new permanence”.
The exhibition is open from 26th September – 16th October 2015.
Opening time- 4pm
Venue – National Museum, beside City Mall, Onikan, Lagos.