Trino Studios present a new short film The Encounter, a historical drama adaptation based on the short story “The Encounter” written by historian Henry Onyema.

Set in 1967 during Nigerian civil war also known as ‘Biafran war’, an encounter between a hero and a villain re-present history with a fictional twist. Imprisoned Ifeajuna is summoned by Biafran Commander-in-Chief General Emeka for one last conversation, one last encounter. 

The two main characters in the short film – Emmanuel Ifeajuna acted by Amara Onoh and General Emeka Ojukwu acted by Gregory Ojefua – are critically placed side by side to recreate the tension that was characteristic of the time, and to evoke deep thoughts in the audience to reflect on what happened in 1967. Who is Ifeajuna in Nigeria’s History? Was he a betrayer? Was he a villain, a victim or a patriot? If he had come face to face with General Ojukwu before he was executed on grounds of betrayal to Biafra and the General, would the encounter be a conversation between friends or a confrontation?

Film Still 4

Film Still 5

Directed by award winning director Tolu Ajayi, The Encounter captures the remarkable story of a moment in the history of Nigeria and how the events that transpired shaped what the nation is today. The film brings alive history in a refreshing way for both the young and older audience to enjoy.  It drives the audience to connect with this controversial and emotional part of our history that is often hard to discuss.

Aware of this controversy and current crisis on Biafra, the producer and representative of Trino Studios Ekene Mekwunye states the release of the film at this time is merely a coincidence with the protests by pro-Biafrans calling for the separation of the Igbos from Nigeria. The producers hope Nigerians will react differently to their history after watching the film.

Another main cast who acted remarkably in the film is Lt. Okoh, a role played by Stan Nze. Like the other casts, he is not a popular nollywood actor. The producers deliberately worked with a cast of less known actors to give new entrants in the industry a chance to rise especially as they delivered more than expected at the audition. The screenplay was written by Sammy Egbemawei.

The Encounter is a ‘Not for Profit’ film. It was produced with a budget of over N7M and shot in April this year with a cast of twenty eight actors. Three main actors and twenty five extras. According to the director Tolu Ajayi at the press briefing on Friday, the research and pre-production took a year to finalise. Trino Studios executive producers Uche Okocha and Tunwa Aderinokun are looking at other original African stories to produce in the near future.

How much of history do you know? Watch the trailer below. The full video will be launched on Youtube and on Trino Studios online TV platform on Monday 14th December, 2015. Stay close for updates on twitter with the hashtag #TheEncounter.