Recently the Nlele Institute talent barometer published a list of 15 emerging photographers with a couple of dark horses – previously unknown to the photography and art circles in Lagos (Nigeria). These photographers are now being profiled for the art world to see and get to know them, their works and their potentials to excite industry watchers and stakeholders as the year unfolds.

The listed photographers are: Rahima Gambo, Logo Oluwamuyiwa, Godsproperty Chinenye John, Tunji Lana, Anthony Monday, Jenevieve Aken, Aderemi Adegbite, Christopher Nelson Obuh, Adeola Olagunju, Akudi Tseja, Gaspard Lihouenou Koutchika, Ayo Akinwande, Kemi Akin-Nibosun and Tega Agbro.

However, the Nlele Institute in collaboration with the Goethe Institute Nigeria have taken a step further to push this idea further away from the “list” to a more tangible project titled – DIS KAIN CITY: A NEW VISION OF LAGOS. The project will revolve around these photographers in line with the Nlele Institute’s philosophy to keep providing platforms of visibility for Nigerian photographers, who have the passion to learn, develop and become critically engaged with their spaces. The project will start on 7th March – 11th March, 2016 and will focus more on conceptual work and critical engagement of the subject – Lagos. The participants with the faculty will take a position counter-current to the already formed notion or narrative about Lagos.

The project will exit the cliched and pre-conceived vision (instituted over the years by photographers, writers, etc. from within and outside the country) to find new insights by appropriating content and relevance as useful tools in developing new ideas and production of work. The project will also involve a peer group interaction with Otuke Charles Ologeh (who has an outstanding portfolio on Oshodi built over a period of 15 years), Kunle Oshun (Osh Gallery), Tom Saater (Photographer) amongst many others.

Invited speakers and guest artists includes Bisi Silva (Director CCA Lagos), Akinbode Akinbiyi, (Berlin based photographer), Charles Okereke (Founder Alexander Academy for Arts and Design, Badagry), Abraham Oghobase (Photographer) and Uche Okpa-Iroha (The Nlele Institute). More speakers and guest artists will be announced soon.