Hosted by Rele, SMWLagos moves deeper into the cultural sector to emphasize on the importance of social media to the visibility of an artist, especially young and rising artists in Nigeria.

For this reason, they created an educational event titled “The Networked Artist – Build A Following For Your Work”. It is scheduled to hold on Friday 26th February, 2016 from 1:30pm – 2:30pm. While SMWLagos opens on Monday 22nd of February.

From observation, it seems the transition to be dot com cool; tech savvy, online commercial/branding has not been so easy for creative players, more specifically visual artists. Do not despair, the panelists selected will help you overcome the difficulties of networking online and attracting your niche audience. The discussion will cover areas such as:

  • how to better build a following for your work,
  • connect more effectively with your audience,
  • how to be attractive to galleries and platforms through which your work can be promoted and sold,
  • how to market your work,
  • how to position yourself for corporate sponsorship or partnerships,
  • And how to be cool!

SMWLagos at Rele  is open to everyone in the creative industry, from visual artists to creative managers.


The top speaker at the event is Emmanouil Revmatas, Director IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics West Africa.  See other speakers on banner and register here to learn more: