Advertising on TSA Art Magazine


Advertising on TSA Art Magazine brings you in contact with people who appreciate excellence. We reach an audience of art enthusiasts, artists, collectors, students, art professionals, institutions, and diverse people across different age groups and professions in Africa, Europe and the US. You will gain an informed audience that will attend your exhibitions and events, follow your creative works, or engage with you in business. You will attract the attention of influentials within the art world and leaders in different fields. Your advertisement will enjoy visibility and engagement where it matters. Our content on TSA Art Magazine is distributed through social media pages and newsletters. In 2019, per month an average of 3,402 unique users visited our website through organic search, the newsletter and social media. 


TSA Art Magazine offers advertising opportunities on its website and e-mail newsletter. All the advertisement spots are prime and visible, and ads can be linked to an external website.


Website Advertising 

The home page provides two unique spots and advertising dimensions: a Lead Ad Banner (a special strip dimension) and a Side Ad Banner (a vertical rectangle dimension). Both spots are present on the desktop and mobile versions of the website but the Side Ad Banner is placed between the latest features on the mobile view. The rates for these two spots are different. 

The article pages also provide two unique spots and advertising dimensions: Inside Strip Banner (a special strip dimension) and Article Side Banner (a vertical rectangle dimension). Both spots are present on the desktop and mobile versions of the website. On the desktop and mobile versions, the Inside Strip Banner is visible after two paragraphs of any feature. For the Article Side Banner, it is placed on the (top) side corner of features on the desktop and positioned after features on mobile view of the website.


E-mail Advertising 

The e-mail newsletter offers the possibility to be closer to our audience. It includes an editorial note, latest features from the site, two advertising spots and a dedicated section for Current Opportunities for artists, curators and other professionals at art residencies, festivals, awards and grant institutions, and so on. Advertising job openings in the arts are also welcome. 

In the e-mail newsletter, the first ad spot, a strip dimension, is positioned after the editorial note, while the second ad spot, which can be a strip or a vertical rectangle dimension, is positioned at the end of the newsletter.


Special (Print) Publications 

Advertising in our print publications is coordinated seperately from the above as our journals and magazines offer other engagements and have a different reach. 



We particularly invite art galleries, auctions, artists, institutions, brands, hospitality and lifestyle businesses to advertise with us. However, with a unique and sophisticated audience, TSA Art Magazine is able to adapt to your specific advertising needs.

For enquiries and the media kit for website and e-mail newsletter advertising, as well as enquiries on the special print publications, kindly contact

TSA Art Magazine is published by TSA Art Media Limited registered with the CAC in Nigeria.