Emerging Photographer Fund Grant 2018

The Emerging Photographer Fund for 2018, is now open for submissions from emerging photographers around the world. The body of work could be either journalistic or purely artistic.

The EPF is a $10,000 grant awarded to support the continuation of a photographer’s personal project or emerging career.

Additionally, applicants who are under 25, are automatically eligible and entered for the ‘Fujifilm Young EPF Photographer’ grant of $10,000. Both awards are separate but not mutually exclusive.

The EPF grant was initiated in 2008 by Magnum photographer, David Alan Harvey – curator of Burn magazine, an evolving journal for emerging photographers – and is awarded by the Magnum Cultural Foundation. Funding for the EPF grant comes from private donors while the funding for the Fujifilm Young EPF Photographer comes from Fujifilm.

To apply, visit www.burnmagazine.org/epf

Application Fee: $20

Deadline: September 30, 2018, 6pm PST

Residents of Iran who wish to apply should please send an email to epf@burnmagazine.org with your application number and the email address used to sign up. Information will be provided on how to complete your application.

Top featured work by Elena Anosova via  burnmagazine.org

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