Ade Adekola Presents ‘DISLOCATION &…’ at Gallery B57 in Lagos

On October 30, an exhibition of recent works by Ade Adekola opened at Gallery B57 in Lagos. Titled ‘DISLOCATION &…’, the exhibition showcases three bodies of work by Adekola created from collaborations with other creatives. The three series are ‘Lockdown Portraits’, ‘Anthology of an African Wedding’ and ‘Diaspora Axis’. 

Ade Adekola
From the series: Anthology of an African Wedding by Ade Adekola in the exhibition ‘DISLOCATION &…’. Image courtesy of the artist.

Adekola says, “Collaboration is one of the serendipitous consequences of my dislocated pandemic experience and I am so thrilled to have worked with such amazing talent on this project. Many artists have forged new spaces and ways of working from the pandemic dislocation. We are in this hyper-creative phase right now with pioneer collaborations that cut across NFTs and other digital forms of expressions. If you blink you are likely to miss something – it’s that fast-paced right now”.

‘DISLOCATION &…’ features work conceived and completed over the course of the pandemic including NFT art, 3D Textiles and Augmented Reality. It seeks to explore and amplify the myriad conditions different kinds of dislocation circumstances places on humanity. 


From the series: 'Lockdown Portraits' by Ade Adekola in the exhibition 'DISLOCATION &...'. Image courtesy of the artist.
From the series: ‘Lockdown Portraits’ by Ade Adekola in the exhibition ‘DISLOCATION &…’. Image courtesy of the artist.

Adekola is an internationally recognized, award-winning Architect turned conceptual artist and digital creator. His images are considered to elevate the visual plateau of Nigerian photography.

Collaborators in the projects exhibited include BK Han, a digital entrepreneur in Singapore, Kenxxxooo, a Japanese art director, videographer and Augmented Reality artist based in Tokyo and Solo Patterns, a unique, contemporary online provider of digital fashion garments. 

The exhibition is on view till December 1, 2021, and extends beyond the gallery physical space to virtual events and presentations. You can find the details on Ade Adekola’s website

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