Film Critic, Oris Aigbokhaevbolo’s Top Movies for Last Days of Summer

The summer holiday season is at its end. Travellings are winding down—if you could afford it. Conversations are shifting from ‘hot summer body’ to more serious topics but you want to keep the excitement of the season till the year ends. Whatever you decide to do, a decent film is a great addition. 

Oris Aigbokhaevbolo, film and music critic, shares a highly recommended list of films to watch in the coming weeks—from Djibril Diop Mambety’s Touki Bouki to the classic version of The Lion King and The Square, a disturbing parody on the contemporary art world. Enjoy! 

Revolutionary Road

Sometimes you need a little heartbreak. Based on a masterful 1961 Richard Yates novel, Revolutionary Road follows April and Frank Wheeler, a young couple with dreams underserved by their reality. It reunites Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet after their career-making roles in Titanic.

Confusion Na Wa

Kenneth Gyang’s debut feature follows several characters with interlinked stories. A death begins the film, leading to suspense of a different sort: what events led to this death?

The Lion King

The 1994 version is superior to the new CGI version. There is no better time to sing Hakuna Matata than at the end of summer.

Touki Bouki

Boy meets girl and together they dream of Paris. Djibril Diop Mambety’s 1973 film has kept its strange power.

35 Shots of Rum

As directed by Claire Denis, this film shows one truth of adult life: In whatever form it shows up as, love is messy.

Home Alone

A reminder that you can’t—or shouldn’t—forget the kids. 

I Know What You Did Last Summer

If you were a teenager or younger in the 1990s, you probably remember this slasher flick. It’s message still rings true today: pray your summer misdemeanours stay buried.

Mad Max

George Miller’s opus is fun, fast and visually entertaining. 

Last Year in Marienbad

This challenging Alain Resnais film is for anyone who thinks summer is the season to encounter baffling fare. See it with a friend you love to argue with.

The Holiday

Kate Winslet, Jude Law, Jack Black, Cameron Diaz—what’s not to love?

The Square

The head of an art museum loses his phone and does the most to get it back. Funny and thought-provoking, the film takes a pin to the inflated balloon of modern art and high society.

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