South African Artist Lady Skollie Wins 2020 FNB Art Prize

The organisers of the FNB Art Joburg in South Africa has announced Lady Skollie (born Laura Windvogel) as the winner of this year’s FNB Art Prize. She is the 10th recipient of the prize since it was launched in 2011.

Lady Skollie
Lady Skollie, 2018. Courtesy East Side Projects, Birmingham. (Source: FNB Art Joburg)

The announcement was made in anticipation of this year’s edition of the art fair, commencing on November 6, 2020, as a digital event. As with most art fairs this year, FNB Art Joburg moved its program from a physical event to an online gathering due to the still-pervading Covid-19 pandemic.

Lady Skollie is known for her politically charged paintings addressing issues on sex, gender, violence and power structure. One of her outstanding works, “Lust Politics”, was featured on our site in the article “Protest Art by Black Women Who Won’t Be Silenced”

“As someone who never fit in, someone who dropped out of art school, someone who only got South African representation at the age of 31, winning a local art prize makes me feel like my existence in it is validated,” remarked Lady Skollie about winning the prize.

The 2020 FNB Art Prize winner was selected by a jury composed of Khwezi Gule (Chief Curator, Johannesburg Art Gallery), Aspasia Karras (Publisher, Sunday Times Lifestyle) and Nicole Siegenthaler (Fair Manager, FNB Art Joburg).

The prize comes with a dedicated page for Lady Skollie at the online art fair, a cash prize and an international residency scheduled for 2021 – 2022. 

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